We field phone calls and emails that concern malfunctioning hearing aids on a daily basis. These queries always get our attention and are treated as a priority. We look for solutions to achieve the best possible hearing outcome.

Those who are lucky enough to wear Lyric, the only extended wear hearing aid, certainly have the simplest fix. It takes one quick visit to remove the problematic device, inspect and clean the ear, and place a new device in the ear canal. The problem is easily resolved.

Traditional hearing aids are quite different. It takes a bit of detective work to decide if the hearing aid can be repaired in the office or if it requires the attention of the hearing aid manufacturer. Your Audiologist may have parts in stock to correct the problem. If we don’t have what you need, many replacement components can be ordered from the factory.

When a hearing aid gets sent to the manufacturer, ask if it is under warranty. Most new hearing aids carry a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover up to 3 years of repair. If the device is out of warranty, you should be informed of what it will cost to send the hearing aid in, including any shipping and handling charges.

Hearing aids that are older than five years old may cost a bit more to repair. Some manufacturers refuse to fix older devices. In such cases, there are labs that will service most brands.

With modern technology, it may come to a point where the device is unrepairable. Your hearing aid is a small computer and once there are no more integrated circuit boards, you will be out of luck. Gone are the days of solder and flux. There are no more broken wires to reconnect

Technology changes quickly. It may be worth your time to consider upgrading to something new. If you wish that you could hear better, the rapid advancements in technology afford that possibility.

When your hearing aid breaks, don’t despair. Your investment in better hearing deserves attention. Please call us. We’d love to help.