Family watching TV

Is there a friend or relative you talk to on the phone sometimes, and in the background their TV is blasting loud? Or do you like the TV louder than everyone around you? This is a call for help. Believe it or not, even a hearing aid wearer who is fit properly may have trouble hearing the TV.

Flat screen TVs are great but they do not provide the same volume as many of the older models due to where the speaker is placed. Newer television sets may require a soundbar if they are not hooked up to a sound system. Sometimes that’s enough.

Closed captioning is a wonderful tool for filling in the blanks. Captions can be helpful with accents and rapid speech. Just be aware that on occasion, there are some mistakes in the interpretation.

There are hosts of wireless assistive listening devices on the market that will allow for the person with a hearing difficulty to watch TV with others and maintain an audible volume for themselves. The downside is that it is difficult to have a conversation when the TV is streaming directly into your ears.

Many hearing aid manufacturers have companion devices and applications to assist with TV watching. Check with your Audiologist for availability and choices. If the hearing aid has a telecoil, it is easy to install a hearing loop for ease of listening.

Many adults spend a great deal of time watching television. Why not make it enjoyable and avoid neighbors knocking on the door because they too can hear the TV program you are watching? Call your Audiologist. We have a lot to show you.