family listens to music with headphones

Do you use ear protection when listening to live music or when you are exposed to loud sounds? If you don’t protect your ears, you really should. Hearing loss caused by anything excessively loud is preventable. Years ago I damaged my ears by listening to loud music. I wish I knew then what I know now.

There are rules for listening to music. Consider one hour of play at 60% of volume. Think of it as the 60/60 rule. Share this with your loved ones and your friends. If you don’t do this now, it’s likely that you’ll be seeing an Audiologist to assess the damage later.

If you love live music, invest in a pair of musicians earplugs. These filtered plugs allow for safe listening without destroying the quality of music. There are a host of over the counter earplugs available in all shapes and sizes with different levels of filtering. To achieve comfort when over the counter solutions aren’t a good fit, custom earplugs can be designed for you.

To protect from loud impact sounds or power tools, disposable foam plugs are a perfect solution. Ear protection does the job only if it’s inserted the right way. An Audiologist can show you how to put in ear plugs properly. There are also a variety of earmuffs that effectively reduce the level of sound.

Before you put anything in your ears, it’s best to have a health professional examine your ears for wax. Wax that is pushed deep into the ear canal can be difficult to remove.

If you are currently not using ear protection, today is a good day to start. An Audiologist can help you select what’s right for you. It’s your responsibility to maintain the good hearing you have. Otherwise, the conversation will be about choosing the right hearing aid.