couple enrolls in medicare for hearing care in Deerfield

Medicare is the primary insurance for much of the population we serve. It is now open season for Medicare enrollment and there are advertisements for secondary insurance promoting free hearing aids. Take time to read the fine print. The lure of “free” may be associated with hidden costs.

Benefits for hearing aids vary when they are available through secondary insurance or Medicare Advantage plans. Hearing aid benefits are specific to your individualized policy. It is important to ask questions. Find out how often you are entitled to replacement hearing aids. Ask if there are any restrictions as to the provider you choose to see. There may be a difference in reimbursement or benefits when comparing in-network and out-of-network providers. It is also important to ask the exact out of pocket dollar amount. This should all be written in your contract.

There are policies which allow you to pay a small fee and with a copy of your hearing test, hearing aids will be sent to your home. This is certainly is one way to get started and if this is the path you take, I would advise you to seek follow up with an Audiologist who adheres to best practices. The fit of your hearing aids can be verified by taking measurements of your ears with special equipment. If it is possible to adjust the hearing aids, this will be accomplished as well. You may be directed to in-network providers in order to take advantage of cost savings. If that is the case, find out what services are included after your initial purchase. Follow up care is very important.

Whatever benefits you choose for your hearing, we believe that care is what breeds satisfaction. It starts with a thorough case history and hearing evaluation. Hearing aids and accessories are selected based on your needs and set to your prescription. You should be educated on the proper steps to keep your investment running right. Seeing an Audiologist on a regular basis is advised so that you are always hearing your best.

The path to better hearing starts with you. Be sure to ask the right questions in making any decision based on insurance benefits. If you need help, we are always available to guide you.