Photo of hearing aid in Deerfield

One of the most common calls we get is when a hearing aid stops working. For many of our patients, a dead hearing aid is much more than an inconvenience. Thankfully most of the time, a non functioning hearing aid can be revived.

Here are some of the most common problems we encounter and some solutions you can try:

If you have a traditional earmold with a tube, it’s quite possible that the tubing is blocked with moisture, wax or oil. Separate the mold from the hearing aid. If the hearing aid starts whistling, the earmold was clogged. Soak the mold in in warm soapy water. Blow out the excess water into a tissue just in case a bit of wax comes out too. You’ll probably need a new tube.

When you have a thin tube attached to the hearing aid, remove it by unscrewing or unsnapping as the Audiologist advises. If the hearing aid starts making noise, you’ve found the problem; it’s the tube and you’ll need a new one. Most of the time the tubing is crimped.

If you have a receiver in the ear style hearing aid with a custom earmold, make sure that the wax filter isn’t clogged. If you can’t get the wax filter out, remove it with straight pin. If your hearing aid comes with disposable domes, remove the dome and then take out the filter.

With a custom molded hearing aid, remove the filter. Some devices have microphone covers that are also removable. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the microphones. Sometimes the microphone is inside the case and won’t be easy to find.

Most behind the ear hearing aids have microphone openings that are visible. Brushing with a soft toothbrush to clear debris will help.

This may seem too simple, but always check the battery. Try a battery from another package. Many times failure comes from a dead or out of date battery.

If the hearing aid is still not functioning, there’s a chance that your Audiologist can perform CPR or replace parts. If nothing works, the hearing aid manufacturer will need to repair your device. If troubleshooting is too complicated, pick up the phone and call us. We’re always happy to help.