An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor consults with a patient who is concerned about sudden hearing loss

Saying no to a patient, is certainly one of the most difficult things for us, as hearing health care providers to do. At our practice, the answer is always a resounding, yes! No matter what. We personally accommodate individual needs and agendas by squeezing patients in to fit their schedules. We stay late, we start early, we work through lunch, we come in whenever it is convenient for our patients. For without them, we would not exist.

We have established new guidelines to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. And when we answer “yes”, it may sound a bit different.

-Yes we can help you. This is a specific time for you to come in to avoid contact with other patients.

-Yes we can help service your hearing aids without you physically coming into the office. Just call us from your car when you arrive.

-Yes, if you need to see an Audiologist, we can help you, when a room is available and properly sanitized.

-Yes we can help you, but we have a few questions to ask and new procedures to protect all of us.

-Yes, your needs will be met. You can expect the same high level of care that we have always provided.

Please be patient with us as we navigate the future and know that we will always have your best interests and safety at heart. When you are ready, call us. We will make sure to address what is important to you because you are very important to us.