A woman cupping her ear to hear better

Have you ever walked out of a concert when your ears were plugged or ringing? That means you’ve done damage to your ears. Damage that is irreversible and there’s no turning back.

It is scary to know that over 30 million Americans are exposed to loud noises in their work environment on a daily basis. Use ear protection. Always.

Wearing a headset or earphones while streaming music can do permanent damage to the hearing nerve. Sad fact — 25% of school age children have hearing loss. Do yourself and those who you love a favor and turn the volume down.

Musicians are at risk and should always wear ear protection. There are ear monitors at all price points and filtered ear plugs that will allow for reducing what is loud and maintaining the clean clear sound we expect to hear.

If you are unsure of how loud is too loud, put a sound level meter app on your phone to take measurements when there is any question. These apps are quite accurate and will help you gauge when it’s time to take action.

There are three steps you can take when you are exposed to loud music or loud noise. Walk away. Wear ear protection. Turn the volume down. It’s just that simple. And it bears repeating. Ask an Audiologist. We can help.