A woman playing with her dog outside, laughing while it licks her face

Patients come into our office sharing tales of lost hearing aids or telling us that their beloved pets have gotten a hold of their hearing aids. It’s not uncommon to have a patient walk in the door with what once was an operable hearing aid, ridden with chew marks and chunks of missing plastic. Yes, dogs love the scent of their owners and anything that is worn bears that unmistakable smell of their favorite human; even hearing aids.

Want to avoid your hearing aids becoming a chew toy? The trick is to be mindful. Never ever take a nap on the couch and toss your hearing aids on the coffee table. No matter how tired you are, take a moment to place them in a case that closes, or in the charger. Make sure that the hearing aids are out of reach to young children, cats or other pets.

The second calamity we encounter with our patients is the loss of a hearing aid. If you don a hood, throw a sweater over your head or flip off a hat, make sure that you do a quick check that the hearing aids are still in place. There are many creative solutions to help keep hearing aids in place. Ask your Audiologist.

If you decide to toss your hearing aids into a pocket or purse, think twice. Keep a container or soft pouch with you at all times. Make sure that the case is properly labeled with identification just in case it falls out of your pocket. It happens.

Cleaning the gutters? Planning a whitewater rafting trip? When you are involved in extreme physical activity, it’s advisable to remove your hearing aids and put them in a safe place or ask about a solution to aid in retention. Replacing a lost hearing aid can be very expensive.

Active lifestyles with the right profile of hearing can benefit from Lyric hearing or Esteem. With these solutions there is no opportunity for loss or your pets late night snack. Lyric is a disposable hearing aid, placed deep in the ear canal by an Audiologist. Esteem is an implantable hearing aid that requires the skill of a surgeon and is adjusted by an Audiologist. Both Lyric and Esteem allow for 24/7 hearing and require no maintenance.

Just remember to take care of your investment in better hearing. There are worry free solutions. Ask an Audiologist. We’d love to help you.