Can My Hearing Get Worse?

A change in hearing can be concerning for anyone with hearing loss. When I’m asked, “Will my hearing get worse?”, my answer has always been, “Without having a crystal ball, I really don’t know.”

Hearing that is lost as part of the aging process is unpreventable. Genetics will define changes beyond our control. When family members have hearing loss, it increases the risk for changes in hearing.

Working with machinery, playing a musical instrument, gunfire, or any previous exposure without the use of ear protection can lead to hearing loss at a later date. It’s prudent to always have ear protection available. Keep in mind that exposure to loud noises or music is 100% preventable.

There are prescriptive medications and drugs for chemotherapy that can lead to permanent hearing loss. Check with your physician and pharmacist when there are concerns. Alternatives to your drug therapy can be explored.

Diabetes, kidney and cardiac disease are health factors that place greater risk to hearing system damage. A combination of these conditions increases the chance of permanent hearing deficit.

Hearing loss happens gradually. A sudden loss of hearing or rapid decline is not a common occurrence. Anyone who notices a sudden change in hearing should take immediate action to see an Audiologist or ENT physician. The window of opportunity for help is narrow and it’s important to get help right away.

Changes in hearing are unique to each of us. Remember to always use ear protection when exposure to loud sounds or music can not be avoided. If you haven’t had your hearing checked, schedule an appointment to see an Audiologist. We’d love to meet you.