An illustrated female doctor wearing a face mask

Reopening a business that has revolving door of opportunities will certainly operate at a different pace. Starting this week, we will allow one masked person to enter at a time. I’m proud to say that even though we operated without any direct physical contact since mid March, we took care of what was important; our patients. We talked to most of our database. We rescheduled appointments, helped patients curbside and referred out to a provider who was set with proper PPE. Were things perfect? Certainly not. You learn who your friends are. You lose a few patients. What’s important is that everyone got the help that they needed.

Working with a mask and face shield is awkward and engaging in tasks that are typically second nature will feel clumsy. Wearing gloves for everything we do may slow us down. But that’s okay because we will take our time to accomplish everything that is necessary when you visit us. After each appointment we will methodically sanitize the room and patiently wait for the space to be ready for use again.

Everything we do will take longer, but we’ll get used to our new pace. If we haven’t met you before, we will ask to schedule a telehealth appointment before you come in. That way you’ll see what we look like without our mask and face shield. And if you pass the COVID-19 screening and have no temperature, you’re all ours.

We are open with locked doors. Be patient with us as we awkwardly navigate with the new rules. It is important for all of us to stay healthy and keep you safe. You can expect the same high standard of care. And we can’t wait to see you!