Many congregants will come to see an Audiologist because they cannot hear clearly at services. And yes, hearing aids help but it is not like putting on a pair of glasses. Hearing in a house of worship can pose challenges like high ceilings and reverberance. Here are a few suggestions to help improve communication for those who worship with you.

  • Stand in one place. Those with hearing loss rely on visual clues to fill in the blanks. It is difficult to gather those clues when the speaker is moving.
  • Be aware of your microphone placement. If the microphone is a distance from your mouth, or on the side, speech will not be amplified as it should be.
  • Speak at a slower pace and take time to pause. For someone with a hearing loss slowing down the rate of speech makes it easier to process what is said.
  • Lower background music whenever possible. It is easier to hear and process with less distraction.
  • And lastly, consider installing a hearing loop. Parishioners with telecoils in their hearing aids will hear every word!

Don’t forget to get feedback from your congregation. Ask them what you can do to make communication more effective. There are two sides to every conversation, and we want your message to be heard. Reach out to an Audiologist. We love to help improve communication.