Woman after hearing test in deerfield

Why do we see ads for free hearing tests? Because it is a fabulous marketing tool to get you in the door and a way to attract a potential hearing aid wearer. Hearing loss is a medical condition and the provider you choose may overlook this fact. Your health is tied to hearing in more ways than you may realize. Audiologists charge for an evaluation of hearing because to do it the right way, all body systems are reviewed.

As a consumer I would caution you to be leery about a free hearing test. There are a staggering number of health issues tied to hearing that a free exam may overlook. Our bodies are complicated roadmaps and when one pathway is disturbed, the effect it has on total body health requires attention.

A good Audiologist knows when to raise a red flag by careful interpretation of test results. A good Audiologist will refer you to a physician when concerns arise. Choose care that ensures your best interests the priority.

Hearing literally has an impact from head to toe. It involves all body systems from the brain to heart health and balance with everything in between. A thorough case history including medications is mandatory. It’s much more than symptoms or perception of hearing.

We get our eyes checked and teeth checked on a regular basis. Most consumers pay out of pocket for these services. Take the next step and add hearing care to your list. Go to an Audiologist who has your best interests at heart. You’ll be glad you made that choice.