Woman wearing headphones for auditory brain stimulation

This year has been different as Covid has turned our lives upside down. With social distancing, life has become quieter for most of us. We are traveling less, socializing less and spending more time at home than ever before. With the lack of socialization, I worry that there will be an increase in cognitive decline.

When we call our patients to make sure that they have the supplies they need and encourage scheduling a wellness check, we are hearing that they haven’t been wearing their hearing aids very much, if at all. When we ask why, most reply that it’s quiet and there is really nothing to listen to.

It is important to give your brain auditory stimulation. Your brain needs to be aroused to operate at it’s best. A quiet house is not really quiet. There are footsteps, pages turning, toilets flushing, silverware clanking, fingers tapping keyboards and if you’re lucky, barking or purring. Whatever the sounds are that surround you, your brain needs to hear them all.

If you have invested in hearing aids, do yourself a favor and wear them. It’s easy to put the hearing aids away because after all, it’s quiet and there is noone to talk to. It’s just as easy to get into the habit of putting on your hearing aids every day. Not only will you be improving your hearing but you’ll be boosting your brain health.

If you don’t wear hearing aids, you can give your brain auditory stimulation in other ways. Bathe your brain in sound by listening to music, singing along to a favorite song or reading out loud.

Take care of yourself. You’re the only one you’ve got. And if you’re curious about your cognitive health, we have an FDA cleared screening called Cognivue Thrive. Ask us about it. We’d love to show you