Everything you wanted to know about bargain priced hearing aids and were afraid to ask.

We all know the old adage “You get what you pay for”. This is true with inexpensive hearing aids. I’m talking about the kind that we see advertised for a few hundred dollars.

Here’s what you need to know. These are not hearing aids. The FDA has very specific guidelines for what constitutes a hearing aid. What you have is a class of amplifiers. These are merely products that make sounds louder just like the volume control on a TV or radio. Making sounds louder does exactly that. Treating a hearing loss is a bit more complicated. A properly fit hearing aid knows what sounds to amplify and what sounds to suppress.

With many of these bargain products, you may experience feedback or unwanted noises if the fit is not quite right. Ears are like fingerprints and each of us has a different anatomy. The fit is very important. It can be quite embarrassing to hear a loud squeal every time you get close to a wall, bend down or smile.

You will not get the help you need in a noisy environment. These products amplify everything; dishes clanging, chairs scraping on the floor, silverware dropping, and all of the background babble gets increased equally with the voices you struggle to hear.

Budget products may benefit you if you have a mild loss of hearing. They are not designed for someone who really needs help.

Investing in a premium solution is certainly not what everyone needs. As a consumer it is important to know about the product you purchase and what to expect. You won’t be sorry if you do it right the first time.